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Activities to Date

  • 8 weekly culturally appropriate feature articles, disseminated across the community, containing medical articles written by senior doctors in the IBD field, also used as resource information packs.

  • Open day awareness event - held in conjunction with Jewish Digest, another IBD charity which focuses on IBD awareness. 200 people attended; all IBD sufferers and parents/carers of children with IBD.

  • Supported over 250 patients to date, through practical advice; emotional support, medical referrals and hospital advocacy; accompanying them to appointments; providing interpreters as needed; transport to and from hospital; arranging special food and signposting to doctors and other resources. 

  • Provided cultural training and literature to 30 IBD medical registrars, surgeons and consultants from 10 hospitals in London and Manchester.

  • We created a local emergency resource supply of Modulen (a Crohn’s friendly nutritional formula) and stomach pouch bags, available at all hours if needed in cases of emergency.

  • We established a culturally sensitive buddy and befriending service connecting patients with their peers who are suffering similar conditions.

  • We are in the process of establishing a medical Advisory Board to include gastro doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals in the field.

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