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Our Trustee Board and Medical Advisory Team

  • Levi Yitzchok Schapiro, Founder and Trustee/Director"
    Levi Yitzchok, who was diagnosed with Crohn's at the age of 13 years, has been instrumental in setting up the CCR organisation, liaising with medical professionals and supporting many patients emotionally through their IBD journey. He is exceptionally experienced, passionate and dedicated in setting the direction of the charity in partnership with the othe trustees. Two years ago he was appointed as Jewish Hospital Chaplain at UCLH. He is also the founder of Jewish Community Council North London. Levi has forged excellent links with government officials and MPs over the last eight years. His future plans include a Parliamentary bill passed entitling IBD patients to full disability benefits as well as providing facilities for IBD patients in public spaces. He is a great, loyal and hardworking community activist and volunteers many hours for various local charities to help people in need. Levi Yitzchak is deeply committed to improving patients’ quality of life through shared decision making – dialogues between patients and the medical team about the best treatment plan available and liaison with school head teachers to create awareness of IBD. He ensures that patients receive appropriate and timely care especially those who are at risk of malnutrition, anaemia or who are already malnourished, improving health outcomes by liaising with medical professionals, qualified nutritionists and dieticians. He also works with medical teams to ensure appropriate food is available for patients in accordance with their cultural requirements and choice.
  • Paul Grosz, Co-founder and Trustee/Director"
    Paul has been a vital partner in supporting CCR’s activities since its inception and in expanding the organisation to what it is today. He is a property manager and has a broad mix of financial skills based on his corporate financial experience. He has seen the organisation evolve, growing from strength to strength to a position now where there are fantastic opportunities to make a real difference to the lives of IBD sufferers. He plans to take a more strategic role in helping the organisation to deliver its goals and vision. The charity's vision of seeing a world where lives are not limited by Crohn’s and Colitis is one that is very real to him as an IBD patient, and he relishes the opportunity to play a greater role as a trustee in helping to achieve it through attracting the right medical professionals. Paul, who was diagnosed at the young age of 10, experienced huge embarrassment during his childhood years concealing his illness in school and leaving him feeling isolated and depressed. This negative impact on his quality of life as a child,made him want to provide a lifeline for people of all ages affected by IBD through CCR. Research shows that 70% of people with Crohn's disease and 30% of people with ulcerative colitis undergo surgery. Paul's goal is to prevent the progression of the disease and induce sustained remission by creating more awareness, offering professional guidance and support. He strongly believes that diagnosis, treatment, awareness and information about IBD could be improved.
  • Mordechai Kahan, Trustee/Director"
    Mordechai and his family have first-hand experience of the limiting and painful aspects of IBD. Mordechai is a teacher of Jewish studies and has many years’ experience in working with disadvantaged children and young people. He has seen the number of children and young people suffering from IBD growing year on year. Conscious of the lack of knowledge about IBD in the Jewish Community, the stigma often associated with it and its high prevalence in the Jewish population, he joined CCR as a trustee, to provide a resource for members of the community to better understand IBD and create a support network for those living with it.

Our loyal band of 20 volunteers support sufferers with: up to date information and signposting to more sources; advocacy and translation; helping patient-doctor communication; referrals to doctors expert in the field; building on the organisation’s connections; emotional support, and cultural awareness sessions for IBD medical professionals.  Feel free to contact us if you can help out in any way.

Advisory Board and Steering Group

We are honoured to be able to include our esteemed Rabbi and Rebbetzin AD Dunner who support our users emotionally, and act as a sounding board for proposed new activities. Rabbi Dunner gives halachic and other guidance to the charity, partly as a result of his own personal knowledge of IBD and its effects.

Mr Motty Friesel from Refuah Diagnostics, a phlebotomist who has helped CCR speed up diagnosis for IBD patients.

Mr Isaac Kohn is a governor at UCLH and the founder of Ozer Umagen. He specialises in Special Educational Needs and he works with children of all ages, which enables him to support weak and vulnerable students and their families, often encountering patients with IBD. Since 2004, he has been volunteering in hospitals throughout Greater London. These years of caring for IBD patients and their carers, families and visitors gave him a deep appreciation of their needs and how to support them.

Dr Adam P. Levine BSc (Hons), MBBS, PhD – medical advisor to CCR, who obtained his doctorate in genetics from University College London for research undertaken investigating Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Ashkenazi Jewish families. Adam obtained a first-class honours degree in Molecular Medicine, also at UCL, and was awarded the Faculty of Life Sciences Medal and Prize. Adam has published and given presentations on methods for analysing genetic data, the mechanisms by which white blood cells kill bacteria and the causes of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Adam is currently completing his medical studies at UCL while continuing to research IBD amongst the Jewish population and might be joining as a trustee shortly.

Rabbi Shmaya Low - an expert in medical ethics and Jewish law. He provides the charity with insight and guidance in Jewish law and is a tremendous support to IBD patients and couples who are facing infertility challenges. He is also a specialist in financial management.

Mr Eli Kernkraut has many years of experience and knowledge in clinics, specialists and treatment procedures. He is the founder of Hatzola as well as a hospital chaplain at both Homerton Hospital and UCLH. In a voluntary capacity, Mr Kernkraut assists patients in the community to research information specific to their medical situation and empowers them to liaise with appropriate specialists.   

Mrs Channah Rapaport is the parent of a child with Crohn’s and she is part of the IBD Patient Panel at the Royal London Hospital. The Patient Panel acts as a tool to discuss and improve the patient journey. It provides an opportunity for discussion between healthcare professionals and patients to enable them to understand each other’s situation and move towards a mutually beneficial service improvement or solution. She has built an excellent reputation as a CCR patient advocate within the charity's medical and development team to create awareness about barriers and stigma that children and young people, especially from the Charedi community, face. She also supports parents of children during the difficult period before patient remission.

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