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IBD Patients Suffer From:


Abdominal Pain

How We've Helped Them:


- Cheryl -

"As an IBD patient, I was concerned about stigma and hesitant to engage in treatment. CCR supported me in obtaining medical support and I began treatment and a diet immediately. This stopped the progression of the disease and surgery was not needed.  CCR also worked to relieve my stress, fear of pain, illness and fear of stigma by involving community activists and other charity organisations such as Bikur Cholim and Camp Simcha to support my family and me."

- Deborah -

"I once called CCR at three in the morning in severe abdominal pain.  Their volunteer coordinator contacted Hatzolah and ensured that I was taken to the hospital where I am regularly treated rather than to the nearest A&E.  The continuity of care by the same medical team resulted in relief of sickness, as well as therapy, counselling, and improving the regularity and safety of drug monitoring."


- Benji -

"My wife was in hospital following surgery and was left with a stoma. She constantly suffered anxiety, had no appetite and was losing weight drastically. But then CCR volunteers came to visit her. They gave her support and sang to her, which reduced her anxiety. They brought fresh and enticing food daily to increase her appetite. They encouraged her to eat so that she would put on weight and regain her strength, physically and emotionally."

- Barbara -

"During a flare-up, I scheduled an MRI scan and was in urgent need of a colonoscopy. Unfortunately, there was a minimum waiting period of six weeks. As a last resort, I contacted CCR. As if by magic, they arranged for the colonoscopy to be held within two weeks! Since then, they have been on a roll.  When I was too weak to pick up the prep, they delivered it to my home and patiently guided me through the lengthy instructions. Thumbs up for a job well done!"

"I like a man who grins when he fights"

Winston Churchill

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