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 Proposed Projects 

A lending resource consisting of DVDs, recipe books and publications specifically relevant to the cultural needs of our users.


​Culturally specific:

  • Dietary advice from dieticians

  • Delivering dietary specific foods to hospital patients

  • Support groups

  • Cookery/baking lessons

  • Healthy living classes.

Awareness Raising
  • School heads and teachers

  • Hospital staff on particular needs of Crohn's and Colitis sufferers in the cultural context.

Linking Schools

Raising awareness of IBD/S among children via arts and crafts, making get well soon cards; and festival celebrations.

Publicity & Awareness

Due to lack of access to social media and the internet, we produce and distribute leaflets and booklets with children's stories about how they overcame their challenges, as well as expanding our service of providing information via local newspapers.


Financial support for initial medical consultations, stool and blood tests, MRI & colonoscopy imaging in emergency cases, phone and email support, face to face meetings with IBD patients/parents, following up hospital referrals to speed things up, stock of items in case of emergency i.e. stoma pouches, Modulen etc.


Collecting patients' prescribed medication from the hospital or pharmacy. Sick patients don't always have the strength to leave the house, especially if they are anaemic or constantly need the bathroom.


Provision of free transport to medical appointments, surgery, colonoscopy/endoscopy, and individualised travel if needed to attend school, work or anywhere else.


Visits and entertainment in hospital or at home. This would include volunteers, gift-giving, play-specialists, therapists, mental health counsellors, a cheer-up squad, music lessons, lego therapy, magicians and educational fun and games.


Household equipment to help patients adapt to life with Crohn's in their homes such as an extra toilet, washing machine, fridge/freezer, exercise equipment, laptop, bedding and clothing.


Exercise for keeping fit and relieving stress such as personal trainers, swimming, cycling and other sports.


Patients and their families need to unwind after surgery. We plan to finance holiday accommodation, camp/day camp fees, hotel stays and special travel expenses.


Modulen support for children including incentives, buddy and befriending; liaising with school and family; family trips, fridge for school/work to store Modulen and equipment packs for making Modulen.


Community awareness events to bring together medical professionals, headteachers, parents and community leaders in order to raise awareness of IBD and eliminate stigmas and barriers.


Help with accessing benefits and grants to support patients who are unable to work due to IBD through assisting with form filling for DLA and PIP claims. 

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