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Future Plans

The charity plans to assist its beneficiaries financially by paying for services which will relieve patients' conditions, such as

  • Providing free or subsidised transport for patients to and from hospital

  • Providing therapeutic activities to relieve pain during flare-ups such as music lessons, art lessons, Lego therapy, exercise classes and magicians for IBD patients of all ages

  • Preparing appealing food which meets the dietary and cultural requirements of patients

  • Financing respite breaks for patients and their family members, post-hospitalisation

  • CCR is planning to provide a wide variety of equipment to support IBD sufferers, such as washing machines, dryers, freezers, extra toilets, bedding and clothing

  • Providing benefits related advice to reduce stress and financial pressure

  • CCR is planning to pay for:

    • initial medical consultations, 

    • speeded up treatment in cases of emergency, 

    • blood and stool tests, scans, endoscopy and colonoscopy etc. for the diagnosis of IBD, if there is an unacceptably long NHS waiting list.

  • CCR is planning to pay for a second opinion to ensure the best medical treatment when the initial treatment fails to work.

  • CCR is planning to pay for a session with a psychotherapist or other mental health professional to help IBD patients manage and reduce anxiety, which contributes to increased inflammation and causes flare-ups.

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