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The Need for Our Services

Historically, Crohn's and colitis have taken too long to diagnose. More recently this has improved. However in a recent survey, almost half of the respondents reported waiting a year for diagnosis, and 1 in 5 said it took over 5 years.
With the highest risk of Crohn’s identified in the Ashkenazi (of Central or Eastern European origin) Jewish community. CCR provides support, assistance and information to people affected by Crohn’s or Colitis and their carers, families and friends, including those that other organisations cannot reach due to cultural barriers, such as, for example, the Charedi (Orthodox Jewish) community. We advertise our services through newsletters and flyers as well as facilitating awareness events in schools for children, teachers and parents in the Charedi community in a culturally appropriate and sensitive way.  

CCR has a unique approach; we work in a person-centred manner, directly supporting sufferers to access appropriate diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible, which leads to greatly improved outcomes and prospects for remission.

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